the ABC’s of Capsum


Stereolithography, or “3D printing,” is a rapid prototyping technique that enables the production of solid objects from a digital model by layering thin slices of material. This is one of Capsum’s pillars of innovation.
All of our microfluidic research equipment benefits from the speed and flexibility of this process.
When a technology is developed in our laboratory, we then need to invent the equipment that will allow us to produce it on an industrial scale. Once again, stereolithography allows us to create our necessary customized machines.

Short list formulas

Microfluidics makes it possible to assemble ingredients in a radically new way controlling the stability and sensory effect. Thus it is possible to reduce the list of ingredients. Formulas are pure, reduced only to the essentials, while offering refined textures.


Isolated from each other, the lipo-soluble and water-soluble active ingredients remain separate inside the formula. Bubbles of oil and liquid pearls preserve their optimal efficacy until the moment of application. The unparalleled performance is easily demonstrated by the product’s appearance.

Cold process

Capsum is the inventor of a new cold manufacturing process that allows continuous encapsulation of ingredients and assembly of formulas drop by drop. Our products are proof that it is possible to combine aesthetics, science, and environmental factors.

Buzz product

A “buzz product” creates hype surrounding it among the press, consumers and influencers. It is a product we see everywhere: ads on the streets and subways, in magazines, on social media through pictures and videos. Why? Because it looks good. Its “Instagram worthy.” Its aesthetically pleasing and fun. Its appearance and innovative design makes people talk and share it with their community. Our mission is to create buzz products.

Microfluidic texture

Thanks to visible or invisible capsules separating oil and water within the formula, we are able to create distinct textures. We can particularly administer a transformative sensation to the skin, a series of freshness and comfort that constitutes a true signature sensory experience.


SoftDrop™ is a surfactant-free formulation technology that makes products consisting entirely of invisible microfluidic capsules. Dispersed in an aqueous gel, these billions of oil microcapsules are protected by a self-assembled and evanescent membrane. At the time of application, the oil is released by an imperceptible shear providing a sensory cascade.
Technological Family: C-Drops


ReoBulle™ are lightly gelified droplets of oil. Exhibiting a unique, unrivaled visual compatible with all types of packaging, and formulated without surfactants, these melting bubbles of oil envelop the skin with a fresh and then comfortable feel.
Their size is between 0.8mm and 1.2mm.
Technological Family: C-Bulles


With a structure similar to caviar, the NeoPearl™ liquid core protects either hydrophilic or lipophilic ingredients under a thin alginate membrane.
Their size can either be: 2mm or 4mm.
Technological Family: C-Pearls

NeoGouttes Target ™

Sized between 50 and 100nm, the targeted search molecules are invisible. With their enhanced penetration power, their targeting molecule directs the active ingredient of your choice to the fibroblast, melanocyte, or keratinocyte.
Exclusive Ingredient.


Microfluidics is a scientific revolution that has shaken numerous fields of physics and biology over the past 20 years. Conceived and developed at Harvard, this technology is based on the manipulation of fluids on a small scale. A pioneer in this field, we have applied microfluidic principles to the industrial level. It is our way of innovating, our method of designing new cosmetic materials.

Fresh cosmetics

Combined at the moment of application, fresh cosmetics preserve the best active ingredients until the very moment of use. Bubbles of serum that burst open with each pump or pearls of active ingredients that instantly melt into their corresponding cream, each method delivers the best of the formula to the skin.


DuoPearl™ are dual core cosmetic pearls with an oil core and ring of water. Their contents are protected by an ultra-thin alginate membrane and can either be 2mm or 4mm.
Technological family: C-Pearls